22 October 2017

Meet the Team - Luke Bycroft

Our Design Team Leader, Luke Bycroft

Luke joined C-Quip in 2012 as a composites engineer. He has moved through the ranks and now leads our design department. His personality of high energy coupled with attention to detail, has helped define how the design department operates today. Much of Luke’s time is spent leading and grooming the design team through customer concepts and product development campaigns. Luke is currently working on applying an agile approach to our product development cycle, making sure we focus on customer requirements whilst creating an efficient lean process to follow.

Luke’s wide variety of engineering backgrounds helps him bring a different approach to design challenges. He has successfully managed the composite and suspension design for a Guinness World Record holding and winning vehicle for the University of New South Wales. He has also been involved with the design, building, and commissioning of unmanned solar-diesel generators in Antarctica. These experiences have equipped him with the skills to provide C-Quip’s customers with reliable, cutting-edge, winning designs.

Luke loves the outdoors and during his spare time is a reserve soldier in the Royal NZ Engineers as a Lance Corporal. He also loves sailing and taking his trailer sailer on adventures up through the Bay of Islands in northern New Zealand. As more and more superyachts are coming to New Zealand, there is a good chance he will sail past you when you visit.

Key facts:

  • Yacht is called "Dreadnought” as it is probably the smallest yacht in any bay
  • Never backs down on an arm wrestle
  • Unparalleled memory, if you’ve seen the quiz program “The Chase”, Luke is next in line to the throne.

When asked about his time at C-Quip, he answered “C-Quip is a really amazing company with incredible capability to provide a solution that best suits the customer. The quality of finish is definitely unbeaten, and we have a great team that are really passionate about providing the best possible product.”

C-Quip is a really amazing company with incredible capability

Luke is based in our headquarters in Auckland New Zealand, and deals with all technical aspects of sales concepts and taking customer projects through its design phase to production manufacturing.

Contact details - Email: luke@c-quip.com