Light Mast

C‑Quip’s telescoping two and three stage light masts are the ultimate solution for yachts which are 50 metres or longer. Quickly deployed at the touch of a button, they extend to a height of up to 10 metres. The integration of both the signal and the anchor lights allow compliant navigation. The mast can be fully retracted into its compact housing for flush use on a heli-deck, or alternative deck configurations are available.

Key benefits
  • Unstayed telescopic design 
  • Push-button deployed 
  • Flush to deck when retracted 
  • Watertight
  • Non-corroding materials
  • Various lighting configurations

Effortlessly brilliant

With push-button deployment, the telescopic light mast is easy to extend or retract. Compact and concealed storage means it is flush to the deck when retracted, which frees up valuable space when the light mast isn’t needed.

A stylish feature

An unstayed fully retractable design gives you more positioning options, making it a feature that complements your yacht’s lines. Various lighting configurations are available, including Lopolight and Aqua Signal.

Plug and play

The simple interface with its computer controlled hydraulic system allows for easy installation and maintenance. Smart design features require minimal attachment points to the deck and hull structure allowing flexibility with your configuration and available space.

Product variations & extras

Deck flood lights

Mounting options

Paint finish

Remote control

Panama light



Hydraulic with a programmable logic controller

Paint finish

Clear coat carbon fibre or yacht colour scheme


Filament-wound carbon fibre tubes and 316 stainless steel components

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