11 August 2017

Another custom Swim Ladder from C‑Quip

With every aspect of C-Quips design and manufacturing being completed in house, it’s no surprise that we get many approaches to create a one-off item to a customer’s exacting requirements.

Our designers and workshop team really relish these opportunities to push the boundaries in terms of engineering and aesthetics.

This latest swim ladder was one such project for a very well-known and world renowned 120m+ Superyacht. Our European manager Daniel Barnard, armed with his notebook and tape measure was despatched for a day at anchor in the Med to go and meet the officers and crew involved with the project. The aim was to verify the arrangement and understand every aspect of the configuration of the ladder position and storage.

Only then were our designers allowed to flex their muscles and start work on this very special swim ladder. Many, many hours of design work later, we were able to share our details and proposals with the client for their approval. Of course, there was consultation with the client at every stage and with a few minor tweaks to the design, the result really speaks for itself – a lightweight, strong and stiff swim ladder that would look great on the aft platform of any superyacht or in this case it’s very exclusive chase boat.

The construction of the actual ladder then followed with new moulds being machined and prepared in our composites workshop to achieve the custom swim ladder hoops and step profile that we proudly despatched to the client. Along with a custom storage solution and our trademark swivelling hoop mechanism ensured that the ladder fitted exactly where the crew needed it to when not in use.

  • 700mm wide carbon fibre custom swim ladder
  • 12 degree angle of ladder inclination from vertical – for easy climbing by guests – particularly if they are laden with dive gear
  • Wide rectangular step profile – again for easier and surefooted climbing
  • Ergonomic and elegant styling that is trademark with C-Quip swim ladders
  • Custom storage solution
  • One off paint colour to match the yachts colour scheme
  • No flex in ladder structure at SWL of 200kg
  • No additional bracing to the hull/transom
  • Fitting kit & templates manufactured to allow a remote shipyard to make an easy installation of the deck sockets at the correct geometry and spacing.

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